EN 212 077 Marta violet, Miroslaw Zagaje, Thomas P.

The essence of the do my history homework for me method is the container for taking soil samples, their collection and design adapted to this method a device for testing permeability coefficient. Sampling container consists of three stainless steel cylinders of the same diameter and two lids. Between the cylinders are angled spacers, while preserving the gap therebetween. The cylinders are connected together with a strong adhesive tape adhering to the cylinder walls. The two outer cylinders – top and bottom – the same height, are used to secure the structure of the sample during transport to the laboratory, while the middle cylinder is designed for proper sample. Its value depends on the thickness of the level of soil from which the sample is taken to test the coefficient of permeability.

Sampling of undisturbed structure consists in a progressive and precise formation of the soil monolith in the shape of a cylinder, during which removes protruding frame, soil and cuts the root systems. On the monolith is applied to the container in such a way that the cylinder into a middle level within the soil intended for the test. Then, the free space between the monolith and watertight container is introduced into the filler. Following the transfer of samples to the laboratory, cut off the two outer cylinders, and the lower surface of the central cylinder of the appropriate sample, covered with a brass mesh, perforated lid. If, during the cut-off cylinder skeleton soil is encountered, it must be removed and the resulting cavity to fill an impermeable material, which when solidified imitates the shape of the skeleton of the soil. The basic element of the camera to study the permeability coefficient of samples of intact structure is a circular base with a perforated seat in which is placed the test sample. The base includes lateral vent channels connected to a vacuum pump.

Channels ensure the removal of air from the sample. The basis is combined with the column pressure by means of fastening screws, and the whole is placed in the outer cylinder provided with a lateral transfer of the application pomiarowe.Korzyści wynalazku1. A method of sampling soil ensures the acquisition of test material with intact structure, also of the slopes steeply sloping. It allows to determine the effect of individual components of the soil on the value of the coefficient of permeability, and precise determination of certain soil physical properties (bulk density, porosity) .2. The design of the container protects the structure of the sample during transport to the laboratory and reduces evaporation and excessive drying próbki.3. The presence of filler in the cylinder, eliminates uncontrollable water flows at the border of medium soil – cylinder, and thus provides a real-values ​​filtracji.4. The high pressure column enables the study of land poorly przepuszczalnych.5.

Overlays reduction on socket base camera, they give the opportunity to study the permeability of samples with different średnicach.6. The method allows the study of both the skeletal land, as well as more jednorodnych.Potencjał komercjalizacyjnyWynalazek – Laboratory test method of filtration coefficient has a significant potential for commercialization. It can be used for troubleshooting engineering aimed at precise flow rates of water in streams and water balance basin. The data obtained above. the method can contribute to a better diagnosis of flood risk, and the design of routes. The invention is therefore practical use. Companies potentially interested in commercial use of the invention include device manufacturers research, geological and hydrogeological enterprises, companies operating drilling and geotechnical, company environmental protection services in factories, mines and smaller wytwórniach.Wynalazek can also be used in scientific work and the proposed method can be used in the laboratories of soil science and hydrology gruntoznawczych.

Team: Invention 1. EN 212 077 Marta violet, Miroslaw Zagaje, Thomas P. Piersiakwynalazek 2 394 948 Marta violet, Jerzy Wielbo Miroslaw Zagajawynalazek 3. P. 405 944 Marta violet, Krzysztof Grzywnowicz, King Lewtak Jolanta Rzymowska Paul MakIstota wynalazkuWszystkie three inventions have been made on the basis of strains isolated from the intestinal wall earthworm Dendrobaena Veneta include complex arrangements, from a new process for the isolation of two new species of bacteria identified and deposited for purposes of patent procedure by the numbers: Raoultella ornithinolytica -No 02/01/2009 and Bacillus pumilus AF-11 No dep. 05/01/2011, at the National Institute of Drug Administration in Warsaw, to conduct studies indicating their new medical use of the drug or vaccine antibacterial and anticancer. Summary of the Invention 1.Nowy bacterial strain Raoultella ornithinolytica, the method of isolation of this strain, and to demonstrate that the strain produces antibiotic substances against bacteria, especially of the genus Mycobacterium, which also include Mycobacteria which include the etiologic agent tuberculosis. Summary of the Invention 2.Regulated Free Bacillus pumilus strain SA-11 and a method of selecting this strain, and also demonstrate that the strain produces antibiotic substances of a lysozyme, acting against bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium.Istota invention 3.Kompleks TRIS-peptide obtained from a strain of bacteria Raoultella ornithinolytica for use in the treatment of cervical cancer ludzkiej.Korzyści the application wynalazkuW studies disclosed in U.S. patent inventions demonstrated that both species of bacteria – Raoultella ornithinolytica, and Bacillus pumilus produce metabolites for activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. On the other hand TRIS- peptide complex involving the bacterial strain Raoultella ornithinolytica, exhibits antitumor activity against cell lines HeLa causing human cervical carcinoma, while exhibiting no action cytoksycznego relative to normal human cells. Such properties that predispose a compound for use as an anti-cancer drug with a certain spectrum działania.Zastosowanie in medicine for new strains of bacteria isolated from the intestinal worms Dendrobaena Veneta contribute to the development of effective drugs to treat diseases such as tuberculosis or cancer and, therefore, the benefits are not ocenienia.Potencjał komercjalizacyjnyWprowadzenie to market new drugs or vaccines requires further studies on the distribution and characteristics of metabolites produced by two species of bacteria – Raoultella ornithinolytica, and Bacillus pumilus, and accurate test compounds to their cytotoxicity. To this end, our research team cooperates with research institutes outside of our university involved in research on tuberculosis, and also intends to create a joint venture with a business partner in the field of pharmacy.

Team: dr. Dorothy Marciocha – kierownikadiunkt dr. Dr Joanna Kalkaadiunkt. Jolanta Turek-Szytowprof. Associate. Joanna Surmacz-Górskastudent Agnieszka BodnarIstota wynalazkuWynalazek created as part of a research grant “Risk assessment of soil environment from selected veterinary pharmaceuticals” implemented in 2010-2013.

The invention is a method for determining a drug developed in plant tissue on the example of Major Vic faba (broad beans). The this technology can be detected in plants, any liquid, and the presence of antibiotics anthelmintics and other parasites. this technology can be widely applied to the analysis of food quality, in particular, meat products, dairy products and processed fruit and warzyw.Lewamizol is used as a medicament antiparasitic agent in the treatment of humans and animals. due to incomplete metabolism in the body with the faeces into the environment and thus into the soil. his residences drug in the soil is taken up by the plant. it therefore seems reasonable monitoring of the Food those which consume content for pharmaceuticals. Control of food crops in content pharmaceuticals contribute to the net output żywności.Oznaczenie drug in the biological material requires a multi-step procedure: 1. Prestage trial and przechowywanie2. Drying at room temperature, followed by freezing to -20 oC.3. Freeze drying – the removal of water from the plants and the acquisition of organic dry matter from the structure intact leku.4.

Homogenisation of the material – standardization test material in a porcelain mortar and pestle to obtain a fine powder. Thus prepared test material provides maximum surface area contact of the plant material with an extractant (liquid, which elutes the drug). 5. Ekstrakcja- elution single plant material in a glass probówkach.6. Purification of the extract by centrifugation at wirówce.7. Drug analysis by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) 8. The drug recovery material roślinnego.Zastosowana methodology allows the determination of the drug with better than 96% accuracy with the result that damage levamisole throughout the process of preparing and analyzing the sample did not exceed 4% of the process .Cały labeling takes a maximum of 2 days.

To perform the marking is not required highly specialized laboratory apparatus – each has a corresponding certified laboratory sprzęt.Korzyści the application wynalazkuAspekt analitycznyZastosowanie described HPLC operating parameters, and using methanol as the extractant SSO possible to carry out an extraction, which results in: – reducing the time of sample preparation for analysis, and thus the whole process of analysis for two days. So far, the process was performed 3-4 dni.- reduce the cost of the analysis by reducing the consumption of extractant and use solid phase extraction, which is relatively expensive – Direct transfer of the drug solution to be analyzed to cause a decrease in loss of analyte pharmaceutical, – increasing the accuracy of marking the drug test sample to the level of 96% .- versatility labeling – for plant root portion and the aboveground aspect ekologiczny- possible to detect the presence of drugs in żywności.Potencjał komercjalizacyjnyPrzedstawiony invention is a ready solution to implement in commercial food production sector for humans and animals. It is competitive for alternatives due to the relatively low cost of the proposed analytical methodology and simplicity of execution. For standard analytical laboratories performing environmental analyzes required equipment is a standard part of their equipment. Determination of a medicament described technique has been carried out for some plant root as well as to aerial parts with equal success, which shows great versatility shown wynalazku.Zastosowanie commercial invention – the ability to detect the presence of drugs in żywności- continuous monitoring of food producers for the presence of antibiotics and anti-parasitic jedzeniu- organized to take measures to reduce the presence of drugs in pożywieniu- certification of food producers to ensure the absence of drugs. The team: Dr. Eng.

Professor Margaret Tabaszewska dr. Eng. Tadeusz GregaDr Eng. Elizabeth SikoraIstota wynalazkuIstotą invention is to provide a cosmetic formulation for skin care, a broad-spectrum care and regeneration, prepared from natural ingredients. In the formulation of cosmetic uses only natural ingredients beneficial effect on the condition of the skin by moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, healing and flexiblisers. It has especially valuable properties as an active ingredient used whey protein concentrate. Thanks to its composition and production technology developed, professional cosmetic, positively influencing the condition of the skin.

The study of apparatus, a group of test persons confirmed the efficacy of moisturizing and smoothing skórę.Korzyści the application uses include the production wynalazkuPodczas by-products of the food industry such as whey protein concentrate. Obtained “organic” cosmetic preparation, which may be one of the possibilities of the by-product, which in the dairy industry is whey, while acting effective in operation, based on natural raw materials, cosmetic affecting preferably on the condition of the user’s skin. The use of the active substance hygroscopic whey protein affects the deep moisturizing of the skin, by reducing water loss from skin (TEWL reduction). Furthermore, due to the specific construction of the whey protein has a cosmetic anti-aging effects, the use of proteins act as scavengers of free radicals in the skin, making slow the aging process skóry.Potencjał komercjalizacyjnyProdukcję developed formulation can be expanded from laboratory scale to commercial scale, so that it is accessible to a wider group of consumers. in addition, this formulation can also be prepared with a smaller ch quantities in beauty salons. On the market of cosmetic products, with increasing consumer awareness, in recent years there has been a marked increase in demand for natural cosmetics.

Developed cosmetic advantage is that the formulation is entirely based on raw materials of natural origin, and the active ingredient used (whey protein), is a multifunctional cosmetic raw material, acting deep moisturizing, regenerating, anti-aging, lenitive irritation. All raw materials used in the recipe are readily available on the Polish and foreign markets. The team: Dr. Eng. Mariusz KormanekIstota wynalazkuZwięzłość soil is soil characteristics indicative of the degree (strength) of each bind soil particles together. The value of this force, is closely linked to the resistance, which makes the soil external forces exerted on it during eg.

The crop, or perform other earthworks. Compactness depends mainly on the composition of particle size, structure, arrangement, content, colloid humidity. For the measurement of firmness are various measuring instruments, which very well known and popular it is a cone penetrometer. The penetrometer measures the value of the force with which the soil opposes wedged in by a cone of standardized penetrometrycznego wymiarach.Przedmiotem invention is a portable hand-terrain penetrometer cone with electronic recording for measuring the compactness of the soil as a function of insertion of the cone in the soil test and recording the measurement results memory card. From the literature are known portable measuring soil compaction, in which the depth at which the cone is measured or not measured is indicative, but the equipment in which it is determined using the ultrasonic sensor.

In the case of the ultrasonic sensor, to measure the surface of the soil to be each frame plate serving as the reflector for the reflected ultrasonic waves. It is a nuisance, especially when performing a series of measurements in the field. In addition, ultrasonic sensors used in such penetrometrach are sensitive to disturbances which may even unknowingly cause the person performing the measurement. Another drawback occurring in typical embodiments of the penetrometer nieodporność side forces and torsional stress acting on the rod on which is mounted a cone, during its insertion into the ground, which affects the accuracy siły.W filed for patent protection of the measuring device eliminates the problems posed, and thus give reliable results comparable pomiarów.Istota invention is that the penetrometer has a body to which is attached a thick-walled sleeve.

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